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Coronavirus: Safest Beaches in Europe for a Summer Holiday in 2020

TOP 10 safest beaches in Europe for a Summer Holiday in 2020 & two Baltic beaches in the list!

You have been staying at home for months and what you definitely need is space, fresh air, sun but also and above all a safe place for you and  your family.

The safest beaches in Europe (Covid-19) were selected on the basis of various criteria such as a low number of people infected by the coronavirus (from 10 to 600 times fewer cases of Covid-19), the size of the beaches and the number of  square metres available for each person on the beach. 

These destinations have also been selected on the basis of the large offer of private villas, tourist apartments, small or medium-sized hotels with specific health charter and commitments to travellers, such as cleaning and room disinfection service after each stay, respect for social distancing.

These destinations are also located near hospitals that have never been overcrowded during the crisis with an average of hospital beds per inhabitant above the European average.

From Greek beaches to beaches in Portugal, or even Lithuania and Poland, discover the longest and safest beaches for a summer holiday in Europe. These beaches, some of which are over 100km long, are perfect for safe holidays: even at the peak of the season, keeping your distance will not be a problem.

Book from our range of small hotels, tourist apartments or private villas with swimming pools (choose the "free cancellation" option) as well as your flights and enjoy your holiday on the safest beaches in Europe.


8. Jurmala beach


Jurmala is a destination labeled "EDEN". This recognition is awarded by the European Commission to reward the best sustainable tourism destinations in Europe. The EDEN network now includes more than 90 sustainable tourism destinations that you can find here.

33km (20 miles) of fine, pure sand await you in one of the best sustainable wellness destinations in Europe. Whether you stay in one of the many art nouveau wooden villas or book your accommodation in a hotel with spa, treatments, massages, you will love your stay in Jurmala.

In addition to  sea air (100 times less loaded with germs than in any city centre), a sweet fragrance of pines floats in the air of Jurmala. The combination of the two fragrances is very good for people especially for those with respiratory problems.

Do you need a final argument to pack your bags? Latvia has been 60 times less affected by Coronavirus than the most affected European countries and ranks among the European countries with the most available hospital beds per capita.

How to get there:  Book your flights to Riga (40 min by car, 50 min by train) as well as your accommodation for Jurmala and your tours and activities in Latvia.

✔ Reopening to travellers:  From July 1, most hotels and restaurants will be open. Even the massage rooms, saunas will be open and events (concerts, etc.) with less than 500 people. 

9. Nida beach

Nida - Lithuania

Fancy a relaxing time in the middle of nature in a unique place in Europe? Disconnect from social networks, continuous news channels and reconnect with nature. Nida is located 1 hour by car from Klaipéda (4 hours from the capital Vilnius). More than 100km of fine sand await you in this paradisiac place, almost cut from the rest of the world. The sea, the dunes, the forest and you, here is your program for your next holiday. Lithuanian and German travellers really appreciate this seaside resort located on the Isthmus of Curlandia. Wondering what an isthmus is? It is a huge strip of land between two seas or two gulfs and joining two lands (thank you Wikipedia). The Isthmus of Curlandia is over 100km long! It is the perfect place for a holiday away from the crowds. Do not miss to climb up to the dune of Parnidis, the second highest dune in Europe (second after the dune of Pyla located in Aquitaine / France). In summer, the smell of pines mixes with the sweet iodized scent of the sea. Come and enjoy this pure air this summer. You can rent bikes on site: there’s a large cycle path running almost all along the isthmus. You can also do water sports (kitsurfing, windsurfing, ...). Good to know: With 40 times fewer cases of Coronavirus than the most affected European countries, Lithuania is a country to discover during your next holiday. In the high average of the number of hospital beds per inhabitant (only Germany and Austria do better in Europe), Lithuanian hospitals have never been overwhelmed during this health crisis and can accommodate, if necessary, travellers with health problems. How to get there: Book your flights to Palanga (1h30 by car) or Vilnius (4h by car) as well as your accommodation, tours and activities in Lithuania. ✔ Reopening to travellers:  The tourist season should restart on July 1st.

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