Full day tour to Zemaitija National park and Cold War museum


This tour – a blend of beautiful nature and history. Travel to Zemaitija National Park. First stop at Plateliai -  one of the most beautiful towns of the area with a great past. It is situated on the western shore of Plateliai lake.
Plateliai lake is one of the main attractions in the park. It is one of the clearest, cleanest and the deepest lakes of Lithuania with seven islands, each having it’s own legend. A fantastic panoramic view awaits for you from a viewing platform. Afterwards visit wooden town’s church and manor. Later continue to the unique Cold War Museum, located in former Soviet Union's complex of ballistic missile silo launch. Since 1963 up to 1978, there had been deployed four medium- range ballistic missiles SS-4, armed with 2- megaton power thermonuclear warheads. These missiles, together with the nearby terrestrial platforms of analogue missile launching, had created a common Soviet nuclear armament group in Lithuania, which was able to destroy all the Europe.
Nowadays you can visit the underground and the missile silos labyrinth and get knowledge of the Cold War period, propaganda strategies, consequences of the nuclear explosions and the life in the military base. After coming back by bus to Klaipėda we will make a stop for a photo in the heart of Old Town Theatre Square near "Ann from Tharau" sculpture.


To the price included: car (for 1-3 people), fuel, guide for 8 hours, entrance fee to Cold War Museum