Karosta Prison: Behind Bars: the show in Liepaja



An historical interactive reality show involving the audience. Created on the basis of true stories from life in the Naval Port prison. The purpose and essence of the show is to give each participant an opportunity to live the part of a prisoner and learn about the most interesting and shocking facts from the history of the prison. Only those over 12 years of age and brave enough are invited to participate. Participants will be asked to sign a statement agreeing to the conditions of the show. 


The price is 11 Eur / person. The activity is available if participate at least 15 persons (or the minimum price of the program is 165 Eur). 

Additionaly we can arrange a transportation from Riga to Karosta prison and back. The price depends on the amount of persons. Please contact for more details by e-mail info@balticidea.com