Sail with yacht in the Curonian Lagoon: discover! ardour! relax!


Discovery – to sail and manage the yacht! - you have seen it in the movies. Can you imagine you could do the same?

Ardour – start adrenaline, victory, tamed wind in the sails!

Leisure – your mind deserved the real leisure and pleasure! 

We invite you to sail with comfortable and safe yachts and experienced captains. Perfect entertainment for the beginners and professionals. It is 6 h. regatta in Curonian Lagoon in between mesmerizing peace of land – Curonian Spit and continental Lithuania. You will sail from Klaipeda’s harbor towards one of the most beautiful places of the Curonian Spit – Dead Dunes. Enjoy the scenery of pine tree woods, pass by Juodkrante settlement and stunning white and grey sand dunes. Have lunch in the yacht and get back to Klaipeda competing who’s crew is faster! You will be given introduction how to manage the yacht and with a help of experienced captain do it yourself. Unforgettable experience is guaranteed.


To the price included: yacht rent, skipper service, fuel, cleaning